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Eli Hatfield, EVP Tech, Founder

Eli Hatfield
EVP Tech, Medical Specialist (EMT)

Eli does not believe anything without documented evidence to back it up. And even then, you will find him firmly posted on the fence. Having suffered from insomnia and sleep paralysis for more than half of his life, Eli is no stranger to the effects that medical conditions can have on a person's perception of their surroundings. Eli is a trained EMT with a background in psychology. It's this education that provided him with a working knowledge of many illnesses, psychological conditions, and environmental hazards that can affect perception or might simulate a paranormal experience. Eli uses this training to help debunk and rule out certain things during the course of an investigation that may have been misinterpreted by people who feel that they have had an experience. As a parent, Eli wants people and families to feel safe in their own homes and to understand what it is that is happening around them in their personal space. While not everything can be explained, Eli will certainly present plausible and reasonable possibilities to be considered. 

Casey Martindale, Journalist, Case Documentation

Casey Martindale
Journalist, Psychology Analyst
When it comes to the paranormal, I would definitely classify myself as a skeptic. Over the years I have had strange experiences that I couldn’t explain, and that has made me question everything. However, as much as I get chills and thrills from the spooky adventures we have ventured through, the logical side of me has a hard time thinking of it as the work of ghosts or other variation of phantom or specter. Instead, as an objective observer, I prefer to classify it as something the human brain and science has yet to understand. I enjoy my work behind the camera as opposed to in front of it because I get to see the whole picture by putting myself outside of the equation, although from time to time I have become more drawn into the narrative. My focus is not the same as the rest of the group. Instead of filming evidence like the rest of the team, I spend more time filming the team itself and documenting the raw emotions and reactions as they happen. My job is to objectively report about the investigation itself as a whole. These are great people to work with and I hope that one day we will be able to explain the unexplainable.

Ashton Rogers, Lead Investigator, Founder

Ashton Rogers
Lead Investigator, Mechanical Engineer 

From an early age, I had an interest in science fiction and horror. I always liked to read and write stories about strange and scary things. But, in addition to my draw toward literary fantasy, I'm a scientist at heart. I've always liked to pull things apart, see how they work, and do experiments. Which eventually led me to become a mechanical engineer. I was always open-minded to the possibility of the paranormal, but I was never really convinced it existed. In 2013 that all changed when I had a personal experience I couldn't explain. By chance, I was able to capture evidence that would change my mind about the world around me. 99% of what we see and hear has a rational and scientific explanation. But, the reality is that 1% of events cannot be explained by conventional science. I have no idea what is "really" out there, but I believe there is something lurking in the shadows that we do not yet understand. My theory and ultimate goal is that by using the scientific method of truly controlled experiments and breaking away from the standard methods of other "conventional" ghost hunting groups that I will be able to document something that will bring paranormal activity into the realm of common understanding. I believe personal experiences are valid. But, they aren't evidence. I intend to use my knowledge of science to bring legitimate validation to those experiences.

NTParanormal Investigations is a group of paranormal researchers based out of Fort Worth, Texas. It is our goal to study unexplained activity using the scientific method, experiments, and documentation, in an attempt, to prove or disprove the existence of currently unexplained supernatural phenomena in the locations that we are called to investigate. NTParanormal investigates both residential and public locations on a regular basis, participates in larger studies, and field research when available. We have strived to help people who are looking for answers about paranormal events in their homes or businesses with the intent to educate and collect a wide sample of data about the experiences and suspected activity in question.


NTParanormal Investigations was started in 2013 by Ashton Rogers, Allie Bolton, and Eli Hatfield. Since then, they have participated in over a hundred investigations, case studies, appeared as speakers for many live events, host a weekly podcast, are the stars of their own TV show, and have published a book about their theories and fieldwork.

Our Mission

The Team

Allie Bolton, Forensic Photographer

Allie Bolton
Forensic Photographer, Control

A bit of a weekend thrill seeker, Allie has always been a believer in the paranormal. It's that belief in the unknown that makes her strive so hard to reconcile those ideas with her scientific understanding of the world. Her emotion and eagerness to believe is the perfect energy to attract and feed a true paranormal event or entity. However, don't let that fool you into thinking she's gullible or easily misled. Allie's background and training in forensic science gives her a huge edge over the rest of the group when working an investigation. Using the same methods as detectives and criminal investigators Allie makes sure that our experiments are adhering to strict controls. She is second to none at piecing together information that could potentially explain activity and events that would otherwise be tagged by a less experienced investigator as "paranormal". Because of her training as a crime scene photographer it was a natural choice to make Allie our official forensic photographer for investigations.

Donald Cook, Videographer

Donald Cook
Photographer / Videography

As a seasoned professional photographer, I have been an active student of film and photography for over 40 years. Having an extensive industrial background, I’ve become very good at taking pictures of things that don’t move. In a normal photo shoot if the light is not good, then I can bring my own to alter the setup. A good photographer learns early how to control the light to their advantage. On an NTP investigation, I learned early on, I would not have the same type of control. I must constantly adapt to the environments and the types of lighting the group are using in order to get usable images without contaminating the experiments. This may prove to be one of the greater challenges of my career. Working with NTPI gives me a chance to stretch out and try techniques that normally I would not do. While I don’t believe in ghosts, or spirits hanging on to this world after death, I do know that people have experienced things that are hard to explain. My goal is to capture pictures of things that are hard to explain. Photographs, in my opinion, are one of the best ways to document any event, and those images must be true and accurate. As the old man of the group, I look forward to blending my years of photographic experience with a pool of young, smart, tech-savvy investigators.

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