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Paranormal Study Information

NTParanormal thanks you for your interest in our studies in the paranormal. The whole team would like to express its’ gratitude for your support and enthusiasm about our work.

NTParanormal does not take applications for permanent field team members. While we know everyone would like to participate in an investigation, the simple truth is that we have a complete field team and adding to that is just not productive. If you would like to participate as a guest on an investigation with us we ask that you provide the location and the proper authorization to investigate yourself. If you can provide that we will bring the equipment, experience, and people necessary to investigate the location you have secured for us. 

If you are looking to have a private residence or place of business investigated, this is a free public service. NTPI will cover all expenses associated with the investigation; we never charge for a study whether recreational or more serious circumstance. 

NTPI always gets prior permission to investigate a site. We ask that a person responsible for the property to be on-site and doing what we are doing. We do not trespass on private property. If you do not own the property that you are inviting us to investigate, please get us in touch with the person who is; and if you are acting as a liaison we will require written permission from the property owner/manager prior to coming out. We can meet with you or this person in a face to face meeting if needed. 

Finally, keep in mind that NTPI will be recording evidence and testimony via audio and video formats. By agreeing for us to come out, all subjects participating in the study are agreeing to give us permission to videotape and record them for later use in our video. Anyone unwilling to be interviewed or put in our videos, should not be present during the investigation unless for security reasons. Since evidence can happen at any time, we cannot afford to chance to have to throw away any potential evidence footage because an unwilling participant was in the shot. We are willing to blur out identities and use aliases if needed. Participants will not retain royalties related to being featured in our videos. All video, pictures and audio footage is the sole property of NTParanormal investigations and cannot be redistributed, copied, or sampled for the intention of making a profit without written consent from NTParanormal investigations.

If you are contacting us to investigate a location, please provide some basic details about where it is located, a brief description of activity, and if this investigation is an emergency or purely recreational.  If this is an emergency case, please let us know so we can adjust our schedule. Please read all Paranormal Study Information before contacting us about a case. By submitting your information you are agreeing to all stipulations outlined in this section.