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Question: Does NTParanormal charge for investigations?

Answer:  No.  We do not charge for investigations or ask for donations. However, we do ask that potential clients please seriously consider the validity of their claims before contacting us. Investigations cost money. We are a self-funded research group striving to help people, but we are limited by schedule, distance, and funds. 


Question:  How far will you travel to conduct an investigation?

Answer:  We generally investigate within a two-hour driving radius from DFW Texas. Anything more than that requires advanced planning and budgeting. If the activity being experienced is compelling and really gets our interest, we will go as far as we have to capture it. If there is an immediate need for investigative services and the distance is too great for us to help, we will help you find a team that can.


Question:  How soon will you be able to conduct an investigation?

Answer:  It just depends on location and our availability.  We generally do our investigations on the weekends (Friday or Saturday evenings) and we have to weigh in family and work responsibilities.  If the location is fairly close to the D.F.W. area, we can usually work it in quickly.  If the distance is a factor, it could be a few weeks before we can get to you.


Question:  Can I be present during the investigation?

Answer:  Absolutely. However, it is difficult for us to conduct an investigation if too many people are present, especially children and pets.  Audio and video can be contaminated by talking, movement, or commotion. We ask that only you and one guest maximum be present at an investigation unless special arrangements have been made prior. We also ask that you conform to our experiment guidelines during the investigation to maintain the integrity of the study and personal safety. We do not allow minors to participate in our residential investigations.


Question:  How long will an investigation take?

Answer:  That depends on what the goal is.  For instance, if we are invited to a hotel to capture evidence of the typical 'Woman in a White Dress', that would probably be a single event on a single weekend for a night.  After that, the novelty of it will have worn off for the client.  But if it's something deemed more serious by the client and is disrupting their lives, we can work with them indefinitely.  We have been returning to several locations that we have become familiar with to try to debunk some of the stranger evidence we have collected.   


Question:  What equipment do you use?

Answer:  Many different kinds of equipment, cameras, and recorders are used to capture and measure scientific data. Keep a lookout on our Youtube channel as we will periodically post tech tutorials and information guides about the equipment we use as it is updated or we learn new things.


Question:  Will I have to sign anything?

Answer:  We do ask that clients sign a simple set of statements that cover the obvious, such as affirming that you have invited us to investigate claims at your location, that evidence that we collect during our investigations is property of NTParanormal and can be used as we see fit, and that you agree not to fabricate any evidence or damage our property during an investigation. Additionally, NTPI is willing also sign waivers that release property owners of liability for injuries while we are on your property.


Question:  Can I have copies of any evidence you might collect?

Answer:  Absolutely.  Providing validation to our clients about the phenomena they feel they are experiencing is the only real service we can provide.  Anything containing evidence of things we deem as possible paranormal activity can be copied and made available to you to keep. However, it may not be redistributed for profit as it is the property of NTParanormal.


Question:  Can I join NTParanormal as an investigator?

Answer:  This is the question we get most often.  The current demand for our research does not allow us to investigate as often as we would like, and the scale of the investigations generally does not allow us to accommodate more than our current field team.  We do welcome individuals to investigate with us as guests. However, the terms of that arrangement are that the guest must provide the location to be investigated and be responsible for a fair portion, if not all, of the fees involved. Guest investigators will take full part in conducted experiments and be able to use NTPI equipment as a full member of the team for that investigation.  

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