NTParanormal: Career or Hobby?

I see allot of posts online and allot of questions about “How do I get into a career in paranormal investigation?” A few years ago I might have asked the same question. However now that I have become so involved with it I understand why the response is typically the same. There are many paranormal investigators out there, and a few of us have made a career FROM it, but very few find a career in it. That's a little ambiguous so I will explain.

For starters the field of paranormal investigation doesn't actually exist. There's not some secret lab somewhere in Cambridge University where a team of scientists are studying data. The closest thing there is to that are places where you can still get a parapsychology degree, and trust me those are very few. It's simply not a credible field. The people who are actually doing any kind of scientific research in the field are people more like me. Electronic Engineers and weekend enthusiasts. Not a very strong showing for anyone hoping to really shake up the scientific community (luckily that's not my goal.) Just because the nature of the data you are trying to collect, it's simply just never going to be something that is really revered as a mainstream science or anything that is going to get allot of respect even if it is starting to gain allot of popularity.

So by those standards, it's going to be impossible to gain an actual career IN paranormal research. However, because of the popularity of the topic many people have benefited FROM the field and found careers as television personalities. Shows like Fear, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, etc. Those guys aren't doing to bad. Now don't get me wrong I'm not challenging anyone's credibility. I suspect (or at least hope) that they aren't faking anything for ratings, but they are definitely only using the bits off footage and evidence that support their claims (and ratings). The people in the top five rated shows (the ones that are actually making a career out of it) are personalities and normal people. None of them have degrees in anything science related to my knowledge; in fact the two people who at the moment are considered some of the worlds leading authorities on ghosts work at Roto Rooter.

In short, I think it really depends on what you really mean by a career in paranormal research. If your intention is to hunt ghosts and get paid for it. My advice is to do it as a hobby and go take some acting classes. Get some head shots and find an agent because it's the only way you are going to get paid to do it. But if by a career you mean something real, forming a group, becoming part of a community and making a name for yourself as a credible source of information. That is a bit harder and is closer to the path I'm following. And I can tell you right now, I don't get paid for it. My career is a data analyst for a company that makes displays. Researching paranormal activity, that's basically a hobby. But, I have added a structure to it. I started a community to support me, built a website, established an operational area, and have worked my ass off to network with others. If that's what you mean by a career in the paranormal investigation field then pretty much anyone can do it. My advice is to start small, stay credible, and keep networking.

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