The Price You Pay

Officially the group has been going on investigations now for two and a half years. Surprisingly it has been enough time to actually start building somewhat of a reputation. When you talk to people in certain circles, people begin to recognize you more often and may be familiar with a video of yours that they saw. Legitimate recognition comes with time and experience, and the wait can feel like forever. As we get passed this first quarter of 2016 it seems like our work is getting a little bit of notice. While that isn’t our goal as a group, it is a nice perk that we all had hoped might happen.

Allot of people have wanted to know how to get their name out there, how to also get noticed. The answer is simple in that you really just have to build a catalog of content that you can build from. Having worked on several projects before I was a paranormal investigator (much involving marketing) I already knew that content was key. Nobody is ever going to take you seriously without plentiful examples of your work. After all, you wouldn’t apply for a serious job without having made a resume, would you?

So while we’re not the next big show that you are going to see on Travel or Discovery, we have managed to notch ourselves out a little corner of the North Texas scene for ourselves and it continues to solidify and grow. But even with just that little bit of recognition comes a price; time. If you want to succeed in this field you have to be willing to put in the time. I can’t even calculate a number of hours I spend planning, researching, editing, and traveling to build new content. It’s the equivalent of having a full-time job on top of a full-time job. If that sounds like allot of work for something that you consider just a fun hobby, you are correct. For some, it extends far beyond the casual ghost hunt on the weekend. If all you are looking for is thrills, then there is nothing wrong with that. But if you are looking for more, just know that you are going to have to invest more than just money.

That investment comes at a price. On days where you would normally do other things you will find yourself doing prep work, going over data, and coordinating schedules. While managing my group is one of the most enjoyable things that I do with my free time, it can have its downsides.

Another aspect of the field is that it quickly becomes “you”. The first thing that I have noticed about publicly being a paranormal investigator is that suddenly that becomes the most predominant thing that everyone sees about you. Before I did this publicly, I was someone who enjoyed video games. I was a musician, had an interest in electronics, role-playing games, science, and a host of other things that people would frequently talk about. These days, it’s like I never did any of those things even though I still do. Almost immediately when talking to people, I get strange questions and stories. Not that I mind, but I guess the subject matter has just completely overshadowed the other aspects of my personality that existed. Or maybe I just wasn’t all that interesting and this is the only thing about me people feel is worth conversation.

If you plan on starting your own group and you want to know how to get your name out there; content is king. Make your videos, take your pictures, and find your evidence. It just takes time. Nobody wants to start browsing your website and only find 2 pictures to look at. You are going to have to build up a catalog of evidence before you can even think about marketing it. But, having said that make sure it’s exactly what you want. There is a host of abandoned websites on the internet full of “Ghost Hunting Groups” that are rarely active due to finding out that it takes hard work and dedication to do what we do. Passion, perseverance, and a little artistic direction will go a long way. But, it will come at a price.

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