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Lately, it seems, the requests for our service has become significantly higher. I can’t help but wonder if it’s due to increased activity related to the time of year, or if it’s because the popularity of what we do is on the rise in general. My money is on the fact that Halloween is right around the corner and people have ghosts on the mind. Right about now everyone's televisions are being bombarded with a swath of scary movies, paranormal investigation reality shows, and marathons of Supernatural. Whatever the case, I’m grateful, but it’s a thought that sticks in the back of my mind.

One residential case that we have pending claims to have increased activity only during certain times of the year. We will certainly have to evaluate the reasons behind this because I have often wondered if timing could be one of the possible tumblers in the lock of paranormal activity, particularly of the residual flavor. And while that may have some merit, from a psychological standpoint, it’s entirely possible that; During certain times of the year, the resident is reminded of, and thinking about, certain events at the time that could create a heightened sense of something happening. This is either a bit of an overreaction to emotions or just a heightened response to something that is always happening but usually overlooked. It’s fully possible that the resident is creating their own events in their head and nothing is happening at all. Much like myself after watching an episode of Most Haunted and being spooked. Suddenly every shadow is a potential creature lurking in the darkness.

However, let’s put aside the notion that people's psychosis is to blame and that paranormal activity is really triggered by certain times of the year. What could be the cause of this, and do these times have any correlation to each other or with other paranormal events that are seemingly unrelated? We know that many pagan traditions suggest that certain nights of the year and certain moon phases break down the walls between the other side and our reality. It's possible that there is a scientific explanation is out there that supports this idea. but, if so, I haven't found it yet. Perhaps when the moon is in certain phases, and the light is changed, things become visible that normally would not be. It’s more likely though that if anything is going on it would be due to the gravitational changes much like the tide affecting time and space in a way that causes the phenomenon. And, while that could offer some insight as to why full moons or Samhain are more strife with activity; it certainly does not explain why you always see phantom people jumping off “lovers leap” the anniversary of the incident in question. This type of activity would suggest that if the paranormal does conform to some kind of schedule, it's more in relationship to the event rather than anything going on in nature.

There are plenty of paranormal investigators that subscribe to the famous “Stone Tape Theory” that emotion, stress, and high energy events are stored in the environment and can be replayed when conditions are right. That sounds great in theory except that there is no scientific evidence that has backed this theory up. Of all the plausible theories, this should be the easiest of them to test. After all creating the correct conditions, or waiting until a certain date should produce an observable and recordable paranormal phenomenon almost without fail. Furthermore, if this hypothesis were correct, we would have collected much more hard data on the paranormal phenomenon by now and cracked the mechanics wide open. While I personally think that Stone Tape theory is a plausible idea, there’s just nothing currently to support that it actually works the way it is currently fleshed out. If I had to guess, I theorize that it’s onto the right track, but falls short of being scientifically viable. If paranormal activity functions on a repeating pattern due to stored energy, I highly doubt that it is contained within the stone.

Geomagnetic fields play a huge roll in paranormal investigation. For one, if I am investigating in an area that has high levels of electromagnetism, I can certainly rule out EMF spikes as any reliable form of evidence. However, it does afford the idea that paranormal activity is more prevalent in the area because there is more energy for things to manifest due to having an ample energy source to feed on. It’s this thought process that makes me think that rather than a simple stone tape theory that it's possibly a combination of some event that happened in an area that either was, became, or always has been a geomagnetic source of energy.

Another idea that comes to mind is that the people observing the event during these times could be actually feeding the event themselves. An experiment in the past comes to mind in which a group of researchers manifested the spirit of a boy who never existed simply by choosing to believe in him. That same think process leads us down the path of; if a person is aware that someone passed on a certain day or time of year, or that some tragic event happened. Or enough people believe that it happened, should they not be manifesting the activity themselves through the power of their own belief? Not to be confused with just spooking themselves in the same way as I mentioned above, but through the power of belief manifesting their own phenomenon much like it’s thought a teenager could manifest a poltergeist. This is the thought that keeps me up at night because if this is true, not only have really been really only investigating ourselves but it would mean that the power of belief has the ability to manifest things in the physical world. I can list of a handful of things off the top of my head that almost half the world believes blindly that aren’t so pleasant, that may exist for the simple fact that enough people whole-hardheartedly believe that they do. Then again, I can list the same number of things on the opposite side of the spectrum.

If you are wondering how this relates to time and increased paranormal activity during those time. When is it you think about and “believe” things the most? Usually around the time of the event. If the anniversary of a death is coming up and more people are thinking about it during that time of year, it could be causing the manifestation. But, by that logic that theory is also easy to poke holes in. If this were true then why isn’t Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny, able to manifest? There are certainly enough children can be found blindly believing in these things all around the globe in perfect synchronization. By that logic, God and the Devil should be far more tangible. It seems like the answer is out there, but it’s just out of our grasp of understanding.

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