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Sirocco Movie 1987 Full Movie [Updated]




At her arrival in Rabat, it is found that Alfredo disappeared.The officer who investigates does not trust her. When she finally finds him, he is dead. She is accused of killing her husband, but manages to clear her name. Je ne reviendrai pas de Djibouti (1987). Noir. Photographer Mélanie a arrived in Djibouti for a longed-for holiday and she plans to stay for a while. It is not long before she has to deal with a mysterious case involving a murder in her house. La lettre à Toi (1987). Drama. Photographer Mélanie receives a letter from her husband. He is missing since a few days. She does not know what to do and looks for a solution. Petite Lis (1987). Drama. Photographer Mélanie a rescued her husband, Alfredo, in a desert, but she did not know where. Now, she's returning to civilization. The following days she is looking for some solutions. Les amants (1988). Noir. Photographer Mélanie and her husband, Alfredo, have finally reunited. He wants to take a trip to India and he asks her to go with him. For several days she accompanies him. But they never get beyond the Asian continent, thanks to a mysterious figure who manages to contact them from every side. La main de l'archange (1988). Noir. Photographer Mélanie has gone to India. Her husband wants to tell her something, but she does not have any luck getting information from him. She decides to go to Kolkata, the place where her husband lives. What she learns there is that her husband was killed in a fight. Le Président de la danse (1988). Noir. Photographer Mélanie is the one who finds her husband dead. She is a friend of Nicol, who is the head of the 'Organisation des Rétroviseurs de la Découverte des Femmes' and who has recently discovered that the city of Los Angeles is dotted with secret prisons where CIA agents are killing Cuban citizens. Blue Eyes (1988). Actor Roger-Stan is a famous soap opera star, and his partner, a Spanish TV presenter, creates a big scandal in his life. Actress Suzanne is the friend of the two who starts out to blackmail the two. Le Triple Meurtre (1988). Noir. Photographer Mélanie is planning a trip



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