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Paranormal Investigation

We conduct a full scientific investigation at the location to determine if there is any practical evidence to be collected. An investigation consists of interviews, eye witness accounts, surveillance, scientific measurements and experiments performed over a single night or series of ongoing investigations if needed. Our goal is to objectively study and collect data for the purpose of identifying unnaturally occurring anomalies. We will attempt to rule out and debunk all instances where natural and explainable events could be mistaken for the supernatural phenomenon. The collected data from the investigation is analyzed over the next few weeks to determine if any data could not be explained with a natural and logical explanation. In some cases, a follow-up investigation is conducted to confirm results. From there a presentation video is produced by NTPI and shared with the client and eventually the public if the client is willing.

Equipment Modification and Design

If you are looking to use custom equipment for your own investigations, NTParanormal can help. Our equipment is professionally designed and modified by a certified microelectronic engineer. 



We specialize in: 

IR Filter Removal and Lens Modification

Custom IR and Ultraviolet Lighting

Kinnect Hardware / Software Modification

Electromagnetic Field Generators

3D IR Camera Rigging

Thermographic Camera Setups

Monowavelength Camera modification


Public/Private Appearances and Education

NTParanormal is available for public and private appearances to talk about our experiences related to the paranormal investigation. Our aim is to educate the audience about the methods we use to study the paranormal phenomenon, and the science behind them. We explain in depth the proper use of instruments, techniques for filming, and the proper way to document findings. We also extensively cover the methods that we use to debunk naturally occurring phenomenon, common mistakes made by amateur ghost hunters, and theories that many groups have about the paranormal and what could be going on. Typically for events like this, we will bring equipment for the audience to look at and examples of evidence to talk about. We will also share stories about our experiences, and hold a Q&A session with the guests. Afterwards, we invite guests to come up and look at and try out the equipment. If desired we also take orders for custom equipment. 

Media Production / Evidence Analysis

We are available to assist other groups and individuals with their investigations. If you need help with evidence analysis, putting together a production, live feed, or Podcast, we are available to assist. We are also available to help on site at investigations or to analyze evidence that you have collected during your own investigations. ​

Peer Counselling

We do not specialize or claim to be able to rid an area of paranormal activity. Our main function is to study a phenomenon as it is happening. However, if you are having problems, feel scared, or are being physically harmed we can help get you in contact with other individuals we trust who will do spiritual cleansing, grounding rituals, and prayer. We are also here to help by listening. 


If you are having any kinds of problems originating from paranormal activity that is causing you anxiety, depression, fear, or violent thoughts; we are willing to listen to what you have to say and possibly try to help in some way. A negative experience can cause negative emotions. We also have contacts who have medical training and experience with psychological evaluation.

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