U.S. Helium Plant No.1: Warehouse #9

History of the Building

Plant construction began in 1918 in preparation for fueling airships in WWI. It was the first, and for a while, the only helium plant in the United States. Because the plant needed to be top secret, the government lied to the community about what the plant was for. The military spent $2 Million dollars in production and claimed that it was a “chemical plant” owned by Lone Star gas. In 1921, knowing they would have to fill an airship, the government then asked taxpayers for an additional $3 Million to build a military base around the new “Helium Plant” that already existed. In 1922 a small explosion in the extraction plant caused multiple injuries and some fatalities of government employees. The building and machinery were repaired, and an infirmary was added to the base. Helium production eventually moved to Amarillo in the 1930s and the military base was repurposed as Air Traffic Control complex as part of the FAA until the late 1990s. The property was declared surplus property by the government in 1997 and changed over to private property. Since 1997 the property has been used as a paintball park, wrecking yard, a SWAT training ground, and a Haunted House attraction. Many parts of it, including Warehouse 9 which used to be the infirmary, have sat unused since the late ’90s. Back in the early days when the FAA still owned the buildings, there were reports of paranormal activity in various parts of the property, especially Building 9.  In addition to the fatalities due to plant malfunction, there is one confirmed death in the ’90s in building number 7 when a homeless man accidentally set a room on fire and died of smoke inhalation.

Paranormal Reports

A group of paintball players reported being grabbed and pushed to the ground in the second-floor room at the top of the stairs while there was nobody else around.

An urban explorer who was trespassing reported an apparition on the second floor near the elevator that walked through the wall.

On multiple occasions, police reports confirm that neighbors have reported strange blue and green lights through the windows of the third floor of the building. Police did not find evidence of trespassers.

Two trespassers claimed to have run into a uniformed man with a light in the large 1st-floor room while playing with an Ouija board. They claim to have been chased off the property by the man when he suddenly disappeared from behind them. They claim he was dressed like a military person. They were unaware that the property was formerly a military base.


In 2001 police received a report of a woman screaming on the property. Nobody was found.


Some of the Hangman’s volunteers have reported an eerie feeling in the building, hearing voices, and footsteps when nobody else was in the building.

During a 50 Shades of Fear tour, an object was thrown near one of the guests while everyone was standing completely still. At the same time, EMF levels had been steadily rising in the room. 

While taking a group through building 8 and doing an EVP session in the small "Zombie" room, the entire group heard the sounds of metal scraping in the large room. One of the guests on the tour who was standing in the doorway became very afraid when he looked into the room and saw the metal chair in building 8 move about 2 feet on its own. 

Some guests have reported light scratches on their arms and back after having spent a long period of time in the building.

Paranormal Evidence

Paranormal Images

During a joint investigation, a trail cam was placed on the third floor where lights are often reported. Hoping to catch images of animals, instead, we may have captured poltergeist activity. In the entire sequence of images, we can see people entering and exiting the room. After Ashton leaves the room for the final time, before Carlos retrieves the camera, something causes the camera to shift and activate. Nothing is near the camera to make this happen. We are able to debunk the idea that the camera was badly secured by the way that it was strapped to the 2x4 that it was on. There is no way that the camera could have fallen on its own to end up in the position that it is resting in because of the way that the surface shape and the straps that were used. To do this someone (or something) would have to physically pull down on the camera and twist to cause the effect. Yet in the sequence of shots, we can see that nobody entered the room or came near the device.