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Paranormal Experience Survey

Have you had a first-hand paranormal experience or witnessed a paranormal event? NTPI wants to hear from you. Our organization is dedicated to the continued research and investigation of paranormal happenings wherever they can be found. As a part of that research, we are interested in finding correlating data between witnesses who have had first-hand experiences. To do that, we need to hear from you and collect your information. Personal information submitted to NTPI related to your identity is 100% private and will not be shared with anyone outside of our research group. If you choose, information can be submitted anonymously by entering "ANONYMOUS" in the name field. Submitting information to this survey will not result in spam. If you are trying to contact us about scheduling an investigation, please reach out to us via our [Contact Us] page.


Personal Information

Do you have any physical or mental health conditions? Check all that apply:
Have you ever been exposed to hazardous chemicals?
Did you experience a loss or emotional trauma near the time of the experince?
Have you ever had Heatstroke or Severe Dehydration?

When do you typically wake up and go to bed?

08:00 AM
10:00 PM
Do you have ESP, Clairvoyance or a psychic medium?
Are you a paranormal invesigator?

Paranormal Experiences

10:00 PM
Please describe your experiences in as much detail as possible. If sharing multiple experiences over multiple locations, please try to provde the additional times, dates, and areas the events took place. NTPI uses this data to look up enviromental information in the USGS Database, log phases of the moon, and other natural phenomenon that may have been taking place at the time of the incident. If you do not know exact times and dates, an estimate will work.

Were you aware of any deaths that were connected to the property PRIOR to your experiences?
To your knowledge, were there any deaths connected to the property where your experiences happened?
Did you believe in the paranormal before your experience?
Were there other witnesses that shared your experience?
May we contact you for further questions or research?
Which describes you best?I do not believe in the paranormal. Everything has a logical explination.Most things have a logical explination, but it's possible some things do not.I am open minded to the possibility of the paranormal.There are some things that science will never help us understand.The paranormal and metaphysical are real and I have seen it for myself.Which describes you best?

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